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Homewood Police Department entrance project nearly done

  Village Engineer Max Massi confers Tuesday 
  morning with the landscaping crew putting the 
  finishing touches on the Homewood Police 
  Department entrance.
(Photos by Eric Crump/
  H-F Chronicle)
  The monument to the 
  memory of Paul Buckley
  has a new home on the 
  southwest corner of a
  courtyard in front of 
  the Homewood Police
  Department. Buckley died
  in 1920, the first and only
  Homewood officer to be
  killed in the line of duty,
  according to “Homewood
  Through the Years,” by
  Jim Wright. 


Crews were at work Tuesday laying brick pavers in front of the Homewood Police Department, the last stage of a project that began in the summer to upgrade the entrance to the headquarters building.

Public Works Director John Schaefer said the project timeline was drawn out by several months because of the time it took to work out design issues and find a landscaping contractor who met the requirements for the job.

The main portion of the project was the demolition of the original stairs and ramp leading to the building and the removal of a tree. New stairs and ramp with more accessible design were finished several months ago.


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