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New parking limitation set to go into effect soon for some Homewood streets

Homewood officials announced last week that enforcement of new parking limits on a number of narrow streets will go into effect in mid-September.

Public works crews began Aug. 14 to install signs noting the restriction to one-side-only parking on streets that are less than 20 feet wide. An amendment to the village parking ordinance to enact the new limit was approved in June 2016.

Enforcement action will be taken by the police department 30 days after the signs are installed, village officials said.

Streets affected by the new limit include:

  • Argyle Avenue
  • Clyde Street
  • Dundee Avenue
  • Francisco Avenue
  • Perth Avenue
  • Stewart Avenue
  • Stedhall Road
  • Klimm Avenue
  • Ashland Avenue north of 183rd Street
  • Birch Street west of California
  • Hickory Road from Perth to Rockwell
  • Olive Road from Perth to Stewart
  • Willow Road west of California
The amendment of the ordinance was the result of discussions between the village’s Police Department, Fire Department and Department of Public Works.

Streets less than 20 feet in width can be difficult for emergency vehicles to navigate, according to village officials. Limiting parking to one side of the street is expected to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

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