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Thieves target unlocked cars during vehicle burglary spree

Multiple burglaries to vehicles were reported to Flossmoor and Homewood police last weekend. 

According to a July 17 email alert from the Flossmoor Police Department, multiple residents awoke to find their vehicles had been entered and property stolen. There were no signs of forced entry into any vehicle; all appeared to have been left unlocked.

  An image captured by a 
  Flossmoor resident’s security 
  camera shows someone 
  police believe might be a 
  suspect in vehicle burglaries 
(Photo provided by 
  the Flossmoor Police 

Police said car burglaries were reported on the evening of July 14 in the Heather Hill and Flossmoor Hills neighborhoods, the 2500 block of Braeburn Avenue and Brookwood Drive.  A total of six police reports were made. 

Also, a vehicle was stolen out of the driveway in the 1800 Block of Quail Court. The car door was unlocked and keys were left inside the vehicle, police said. 


From previous investigations, the police have learned that these individuals will park in a remote area then travel on foot, going from vehicle to vehicle looking for unlocked doors.  

A homeowner’s surveillance camera was able to capture an image of the suspect. The Flossmoor Police Department encourages anyone with information on the individual to call 708-957-4500. 

Homewood police were faced with similar incidents over the weekend. 

There were car burglaries on the 18400 and 18600 blocks of Marshfield Avenue, 18700 block of Highland Avenue, 1900 block of 186th Place, 18300 block of Martin Ave, 1300 block of Hickory Road and 2100 block of Downey Road. 

Homewood Police said several unlocked vehicles had items removed or ransacked while the vehicles were parked in driveways or on streets in front of residences.  

Residents should lock their vehicles and secure items of value either in the trunk or take them inside the house, Homewood police said, adding residents should call 911 immediately to report any suspicious activity or individuals.


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