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Branding report suggests how to best market Flossmoor

Flossmoor is “a welcoming, open-minded and safe community for families of all descriptions,” according to a new branding recommendation from consultant Maria Grillo presented to the Flossmoor village board June 19.

It is a place where children can thrive and excel and where neighbors really care about each other,” the recommendation continues. “From a classically American small town abounding with beauty, both natural and architectural, Flossmoor residents have the quick and easy connection they want to the professional, intellectual and cultural richness of Chicago.”

The Grillo Group Inc. presented a report that will be used to market the village ― including brand identity research, analysis and recommendations ― at Monday’s meeting.


Surveys, released to the community last month, allowed residents to answer questions both online and on paper covering topics ranging from strengths and weaknesses to threats and challenges in Flossmoor.

The survey also asked the community what Flossmoor should do more of; the No. 1 answer was to brand and market the village.

Grillo, the consulting company’s president and owner, said the goal of the research is to help identify Flossmoor’s key brand attributes ― what prospective residents find most appealing, what makes the village unique and distinguishes it from competing communities.

For example, in terms of designing an identity for the village we will look at the idea of openness and look at what that means,” Grillo said.

Grillo also mentioned the community’s greatest weaknesses as defined by residents ― high property taxes, declining school quality and decreasing property values. She stressed branding can’t improve these problems.

Though branding work cannot directly improve these important issues that require village and school district attention over the longer term, we must all keep these important concerns top of mind when developing marketing communications,” she explained.

Village board members said they were pleased with the presentation and recommendations.

Trustee James Mitros said the presentation was excellent and that the recommendations represent a great way to portray Flossmoor.

It’s simple, to the point and it means something,” he said. “It’s elegant and I really like it.”

Grillo explained the next step will consist of taking the approved key attributes and positioning statement and use them to begin development in other areas, including an audience-focused message for future marketing materials, a tagline and identity.

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