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Homewood changes liquor license ordinance, renews outdoor permits

Homewood liquor license holders behind in payments to the village could lose that license following an ordinance change by the Board of Trustees at the April 25 meeting.

Homewood Director of Finance Dennis Bubenik said that under the ordinance, Village President Richard Hofeld — who also serves as liquor commissioner — can call for a hearing for any license holders who are delinquent in bills other than payments for water and sewer service.

Under the ordinance change, license holders more than 60 days behind in their bills can face a hearing. The liquor commissioner can call for action against license holders in arrears on payments of the village’s eating tax, hotel accommodations tax, amusement tax or fines for violating other ordinances.

The change also allows the village to call that hearing at any point during the year, instead of just when licenses are being renewed.


“(It’s) not a big change, not a big problem. I could count the problem establishments on one hand,” Bubenik said. “The threat of that (hearing) would get them to become current. They can fall behind at any point in the year so it is better to allow it all 12 months than just focus on the problem (during) the one month of renewal.”

In other action at the meeting, the board renewed nine permits for outdoor liquor licenses, including Grady’s Snack ‘N Dine, Calumet Country Club, Cilantro Mexican Restaurant, The Fifth Quarter, Ridgewood Liquor Store and Tap, Lassen’s Sports Bar and Grill, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chipotle Mexican Grille and The Cottage on Dixie.

Bubenik said no new permits were issued.

“It looks like a lot because this is a once-a-year-item for our village board. We have added a few over the past few years,” Bubenik said. “If the proposal is good I think the village board would be open to more.”

There are time limits for serving alcohol and playing music. Other requirements for outdoor permits include entry from the inside of the building and fencing.

Some of the permits have special conditions. Lassen’s is allowed to serve alcohol and food, use TVs, radios and music outdoors until midnight Monday through Thursday and serve alcohol and food until 1 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

“Overall, (it’s) a nice addition to the community during those months where the weather allows patrons to enjoy being outside of the building,” Bubenik said.

The permits are valid from May 1 until April 30, 2018.

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