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Rep. Kelly says GOP health care proposal is poor substitute for ACA

U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly, who represents Homewood and Flossmoor in the 2nd Congressional District, and is chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, released this statement concerning the Republican-proposed bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA):
“After seven years of claiming to have a credible alternative, Republicans (in the U.S. House of Representatives) unveiled a bill that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. 
This bill will kill thousands of Americans and strip the everyday security of healthcare from millions of American families. 
Why are my colleagues so determined to make America sick again?
This bill wasn’t written to keep families healthy: it was written to empower insurance executives. If House Speaker  (Paul) Ryan and the Trump Administration have their way, the public health gains we’ve made under the ACA will be undone and we’ll return to being a country where a select few insurance executives control access to care.  
We do not become greater as a nation when we allow the motivation of profit to come before our people.  
Just as concerning, this legislation raids the Medicare trust fund, threatening its long-term solvency. And, it will allow companies to charge older Americans five times more than younger Americans for the same care.
The Affordable Care Act has left behind a legacy of progress. It is working and is more popular than ever. Let’s fix any issues instead of passing this bill that will make Americans sick again.”

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