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Chronicle provides voter guide for April 4 races

Of the 65 candidates running for local elections in Homewood-Flossmoor next month, at least 36 are professionals with advanced degrees.

Among those whose names will be on the ballot on April 4, nine are attorneys, three are college professors and three are engineers. Others work in law enforcement, finance and banking, consulting, insurance, teaching, accounting, marketing, real estate and nursing. At least 43 have bachelor’s degrees.
Such details are among those outlined for 49 candidates in the Homewood-Flossmoor Chronicle’s online voter guide. 
“This is the only single source for H-F voters to learn more about their neighbors running for office,” said Chronicle Public Outreach Manager Patty Houlihan.
Races include
The Chronicle mailed questionnaires to all 65 candidates for the April 4 elections; 49 responded. 
Each candidate was asked to describe his or her qualifications and given 250 words to explain the most pressing issues facing voters in that particular race. Responses received minor editing from Chronicle staff.
“We’re glad to provide this detailed information because local elections have more impact on our daily lives than any other election contest,” Houlihan said. 
“The Chronicle’s voter guide provides information about those who will oversee our largest taxing bodies — the schools — as well as local government, our parks and our libraries.”
The newspaper also is serving as a sponsor for the Homewood-Flossmoor League of Women Voters candidate forums, which provide a chance for voters to hear firsthand from candidates for each local race.
This the second time the Chronicle has published a voter guide for municipal elections. In 2015, the paper received 19 responses from 28 candidates running for several local races.

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