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New Vollmer Road proposal includes Starbucks, AT&T store

A Starbucks coffee shop and AT&T store may be coming to Flossmoor.

Members of the village plan commission, at their Feb. 16 meeting, recommended approval of a final plan amendment and special use permit for 7,420-square-foot commercial building at 3760 Vollmer Road, just west of the Meijer gas station.

Besides Starbucks and AT&T, the building would also include two other retail businesses, said Scott Bugner, Flossmoor’s inspectional services administrator. Starbucks and AT&T would be located, respectively, at the west and east ends of the building. Starbucks would be a drive-thru business.

Tenants for the interior of the building have yet to be confirmed.

In making its recommendation, the plan commission included some conditions for the developer dealing with signage, the front façade and other minor changes. When those conditions are addressed, the plan will be submitted to Flossmoor’s village board for approval, Bugner said.

Following approval by the village board, the developer must apply for building permits so the work can proceed.

The building is the second project proposed for outlots adjacent to the Meijer superstore at Vollmer and Crawford Avenue. Meijer owns and plans to develop five outlots.

In January, the village board approved a plan for a Buona Beef restaurant on an outlot just north of the BP gas station. That proposal also calls for the construction of a 4,500 square foot building to the west of Buona Beef.

Flossmoor Village Manager Bridget Wachtel said last November that three of Meijer’s outlots could be developed in 2017. The village also owns parcels along Vollmer Road and is planning to work with developers to add more businesses in Flossmoor’s southwest corner.

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