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Homewood awards honor residents for neighborhood beauty

  The Wright house, a Blue Ribbon winner, is lined by
  rose bushes.
(Photo by Marilyn Thomas/H-F Chronicle)


Homewood residents have a passion for gardening. The variety of flowers, the colorful array and the unique designs comes to life at the hands of some dedicated residents.

Their efforts were recognized Oct. 13 when they received the village’s Beautification Awards.

Connie Wright won an award for the third time. This year it was a Blue Ribbon. She tries to dedicate as much time as possible in keeping with her busy schedule as a nurse. Wright said she’s especially happy with the rose bushes that line her property. They were planted three years ago and Wright says “they’re finally coming into their own.”

Allen and Patti Leppellere worked together on their Blue Ribbon winning garden. They tend the perennials and fill in their yard with annuals. Some years they keep with a color theme, but this year they had a mixture.

Rick Narcisi says he’s in his yard “every moment I’m not working.” He and his wife, Jean, bought their house on Terrace Avenue three years ago, and Rick has been digging ever since to get the overgrowth under control and add his own special touches to his new home and garden. Along a fence he planted grasses at each post. His garden is overflowing with perennials of red, yellow and purple, and he and Jean include baskets on their front stairs.

Their Beautification Award is for the curb appeal, but Narcisi says he’s just as proud of what he’s accomplished in his back yard which is three times the size of his front yard.

The Homewood Beautification Committee members selected the winners during the summer months. This year, the committee selected nine homeowners to receive the Blue Ribbon Award. Honorees are the Wright house at 1032 185th St.; Gram house at 1645 Evergreen Road; Leppellere house at 1945 Evergreen Road; Daw house at 17729 Gladville Ave.; Stahr house at 18020 Governors Highway; Henley house at 19043 Jodi Terrace; Hernandez house at 2153 Ridge Road; Pruitt house at 18334 Robin Lane; and Sonnek house at 18544 Stewart Ave.

Beautification Awards were presented to Hildreth house, 1229 187th St.; McCoy house, 1751 187th Street; Longmire house, 18234 Aida Ct.; Goodwin house, 18658 Ashland Ave.; Beyer house, 1232 Birch Road; Eysenbach house, 2840 Birch Road; Macri house, 2912 Birch Road; Gannon house, 2209 Cedar Road; Norris house, 1014 Coach Road; Escamilla house, 1316 Evergreen Road. Also, Williams house, 1944 Evergreen Road; Defoe house, 17561 Golfview Ave.; Maguire house, 2501 Hawthorne Road; Morales house, 1131 Hickory Road.; Bringley house, 3034 Hickory Road; Otto house, 18130 Highland Ave.; Norgaard house, 18224 Highland Ave.; Snedden house, 17620 Hillside Ave.; Jaros house, 18449 Homewood Ave.; Bush house, 18511 Homewood Ave.

Also, Keene house, 1654 Idlewild Lane; Clark house, 1329 Jamie Lane; Hunt house, 19036 Jodi Terrace; Klupchak house, 18450 Klimm Ave.; Tripp house, 17923 La Haigh Road; McCallum house, 18646 Lexington Ave.; Taylor house, 17948 Loomis Ave.; Freedman house, 3244 Mallard Dr.; Fernandes house, 1528 Olive Road; Hale house, 18334 Perth Ave. And, Porzio house, 18459 Perth Ave.; Krause house, 1804 Pine Road; Davanipour house, 17941 Sacramento Ave.; Walker house, 18300 Stewart Ave.; Narcisi house, 1947 Terrace Ave.; Wickstrom house, 17606 Washington Ave.

Adopt-A-Planter honors went to Lisa Syren for her work on the village hall entrance planters; Margaret Youpel for the fire department’s north wall planter, the Hickory lot planter and the south viaduct planter; the Homewood Professional Firefighters for the fire department apron planters upkeep; Tom and Mary Ellen Brabec for the Metra station planters; Corrine Casto for the planter at 18102 Martin Ave.; the Welsh family for maintaining the 1700 Ridge Rd. planter; Ruth Thomas for tending the Maple and Ashland Avenues planter; Fred and Mary Koeppen for the Martin and Hickory Avenues planter.

Members of the Beautification Committee who volunteer their time throughout the year are Arla Blocker, Diana Grayson, Vivian Harris-Jones, Becky Herkert, Sean Nettle, Cate Roberts, Sue Tomlinson, Pam Van Niel, Karen Wahlers and Annie McLaughlin, who serves as the committee’s chairperson.

The Beautification Awards program was coordinated by Lisa Syren, administrative assistant in the village’s Department of Public Works.

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