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(Photos by Brittney Ermon/H-F Chronicle)

Yesterday’s Gentlemen Barber Shoppe is celebrating five years of having a successful business in downtown Flossmoor.

The barbershop, at 1024 Park Drive, offers everything from haircuts to tailoring services, but also a sense of community.

Yesterday’s Gentlemen owner Michael Miller, a Flossmoor resident, explained the downtown location is one of the key factors in running a successful barbershop.

“People come in here to find out what’s going on in the community, for directions and we might even talk politics,” Miller said. “It’s like the hub of the community.”

Miller was able to incorporate one of his hobbies into his business to make it different from the everyday barbershop. Customers say when they walk through the doors it’s like they’ve traveled back in time

“I love antique barber memorabilia. I’ve been collecting it throughout the years,” he said.

Different tokens of memorabilia are visible on every shelf and corner of the barbershop. An antique trumpet, a cash register, and sewing machine, just to name a few, are another reason why people choose to visit. Miller calls his collection a “conversation piece.”

“Our doors sometimes open to people for them to see some of the items that we collect,” he said. “Next thing you know they’re in our chair patronizing us for years to come.”

Terrance Crocker, a barbershop patron, said he’s been coming to this location for over a year. He explained the atmosphere plays a significant role in why he enjoys it.

“It’s laid back, very professional and I’m always treated with respect,” Crocker said. “And most importantly, every barber can really cut hair.”

Miller explained he’s seen the atmosphere lift the mentality of the people who come to the barbershop.

“People sometimes check their wardrobe before they come in,” he said. “One week you’ll see a guy in shorts and a T-shirt and the next week, he’s here in a full suit to match the environment.”

Jermaine Morgan, a Yesterday’s Gentlemen barber, said he enjoys working in this barbershop because of how unique it is.

“We wear shirts and ties so we keep a professional look about ourselves,” Morgan said. “We have younger and older clients and we’re very family-oriented.”

Miller said he owned two barbershops named “Yesterday’s Jazz” in the past and sold them before moving to Flossmoor. He explained after rebranding to “Yesterday’s Gentlemen” he’s satisfied with the progress that this location has made thus far.

“People are really receiving us. We have a very nice multicultural base and it’s constantly growing,” he said.

Looking forward, Miller said he does have a few ideas in regards to how he can expand into other markets of his business.

“Right now we’re just fine tuning what we have,” he said.

Miller said he’s learned over the years that the best part about having a barbershop is not only about cutting hair.

“Being able to have conversations with people that inspire them is a good feeling,” he said. “It’s a great profession. You’re able to motivate people every day and I love it.”


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