Black History Month celebrated at Churchill School

“Is it I?” they ask Jesus one by one.

The question of loyalty is repeated again and again when, at the Last Supper, Jesus tells his disciples one among them will betray him and one will deny him three times.

The event marks the start of the most solemn time in the Christian calendar: the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, Jesus’ passion and crucifixion on Good Friday and the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

The retelling of the Last Supper story will be presented as a special dramatization at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 24, at St. Andrew Church United Methodist Church, 18850 Riegel Road in Homewood. The program is free and open to the public.

The dramatization, directed by church member Mary Lee Hoganson, is staged as the famous Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most recognized works of art in the world.

The scene begins with the disciples coming into the room and getting the table ready for the Passover. When Jesus arrives, the disciples take their places and freeze so that the audience sees a recreation of the famous painting.

Each disciple steps away from the scene to tell of his relationship to Jesus and personal doubts about his ability to follow faithfully. 

After three disciples have spoken, the lights will dim and anthems, selected by Angela Marciszewski St. Andrew-Homewood organist, will be performed by a joint choir with members from St. Andrew-Homewood and St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Glenwood. Kathy Boyens, choir director at St. Andrew-Glenwood, will direct the choir.

The cast includes Rev. Timothy Biel Jr., pastor at St. Andrew-Homewood; Carl Boyens, Lee Bridges, Russell Hoganson, Noel Patterson, Eric and Alex Rechsteiner and Ric Smies all of Homewood; Tim Gardiner of Tinley Park; Timothy Mercer of Chicago Heights; Tony Labriola of Olympia Fields; Paul Tausch of Steger; and Edward Davis of Chicago.  Jessie Cunningham of Homewood is the narrator.

“Some of the dialogue is pretty long, so we practiced for three weeks and then took a break from rehearsal so they could memorize their lines,” before the final two weeks of rehearsals, Hoganson said.

The program has been performed at St. Andrew for about 20 years. Hoganson said she inherited the script and has made some changes but stays true to the stories of the 12 disciples. Each one speaks words from the Bible that relate to Jesus or his passion.

Hoganson describes the dramatization as “my personal Lenten journey. I am moved each time we present this drama, and see the emotional response of those who attend.”

The 90-minute program is an ecumenical service. St. Andrew extends an invitation to all, whether you attend a church or not, Hoganson said. Communion will be offered to those in attendance. Rev. Michael Shelly, pastor of St. Andrew-Glenwood, will give the opening prayer, the invitation to communion and the benediction.

 For more information, contact St. Andrew United Methodist Church at 708-798-8904.


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