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Flossmoor’s crime rate in 2015 declined for the third straight year.

Police Chief Michael Pulec said Thursday that the overall number of so-called Part 1 crimes – which include murder, criminal sexual assault, robbery, aggravated battery, burglary, theft, auto theft and arson — dropped from 123 in 2014 to 106 in 2015.

Pulec recently submitted Flossmoor’s Part 1 numbers to the Illinois State Police, which will release a “Crime in Illinois” report later this year detailing criminal activity in counties and municipalities across the state.

Based on a village population of 9,464, Flossmoor in 2014 had a crime rate of 1.299 per 100,000 persons, Pulec said. The 2015 crime rate, using that same population number, is 1.120 per 100,000 persons. The 2013 crime rate was 1.805.

The overwhelming number of Part 1 activity reported in Flossmoor last year was for two types of property crimes, burglary and theft. The village’s 2015 numbers show one murder, no criminal sexual assaults, one robbery, no aggravated batteries, 16 burglaries, 85 thefts, two auto thefts and one arson. The number of thefts was down from 98 in 2014.

The murder and arson in the crime figures are both related to the same incident, the Nov. 7 house fire on Hagen Lane. Denise Tropp, who lived in the house with her mother and sister, was charged with those crimes after she allegedly set the fire. Her mother, Josephine Tropp, was rescued from the house but died from her injuries six days later.

Pulec said Flossmoor continues to have one of the lowest regional crime rates, both in the immediate area and throughout the South Suburbs.

“Yes, it’s a good thing,” he said. “These are Part 1 offenses which are the most serious offenses needed in order to measure the level and scope of crime occurring throughout the nation.”

The drop in thefts this year is mostly due to a decline in items being stolen from motor vehicles and in the schools, Pulec said. He gave credit to both “community involvement and the hard work of our officers.” The police department’s online notification system, E-Cop, has been successful in notifying residents about what is going on in the village, he said.

“E-Cop continues to be an effective means of communication between the department and the citizens informing of crime trends occurring in the village, making residents vigilant of their property and reporting suspicious activity,” Pulec said. “The department experienced an increase of suspicious activity calls this year. I also feel school officials are doing an excellent job making students aware of keeping their valuables secure.”   

Pulec said it should be noted that Flossmoor has a relatively low number of incidents, which can lead to unusual statistical fluctuations. The crime numbers should be evaluated based on multi-year trends, he said.

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