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A cure for dentophobia: True stories and famous fudge

Beth Horner

The lineup at Homewood Stories Tuesday, Dec. 16, includes some nationally renowned storytellers, according to host Karen O’Donnell.

Beth Horner’s work has been called heartfelt, truthful and “akin to great stand-up comedy.” Her large repertoire ranges from a four-minute break-neck speed tongue-twisting tour-de-force take-off on Edgar Allan Poe to a two-hour story of a young female soldier killed fighting in Iraq.

Scott Whitehair

Her signature stories, however, are those out of her own life. Beth has performed at The International Art of Storytelling Festival, the National Storytelling Festival, on Live From National Geographic, in prisons and mental health facilities, and is recipient of the National Storytelling Network’s Circle of Excellence Oracle Award.  She is celebrating her 31st year of making her living as a touring storyteller.

Scott Whitehair is the producer of long running storytelling series “This Much Is True,” and creator of Story Lab Chicago, which has given almost 300 new and first-timer tellers a chance to share their stories over the last three years. He also teaches classes, runs an open mic and tells stories anywhere someone will listen. 

Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan is a member of WNEP Theater and host of their annual SKALD Storytelling competition. He also is a former winner of said competition. He was a stellar host for The Chicago Biggest Liar’s Competition.

Stephanie Douglass co-hosts “This much Is True,” tells stories and performs all over the Chicago area. She is a Moth GrandSLAM Champion and is co-founder of the New York theatre company The T.E.A.M. When not onstage, she manages a 10 acre organic farm, trains people with barriers to employment for Growing Home, and develops sustainable programming for rural women in Uganda.

Stephanie Douglass

Homewood Stories founder and host Karen O’Donnell tells a story each month, too. For more information about her storytelling story, read “A cure for dentophobia: True stories and famous fudge,” published Wednesday, Dec. 10, in The Chronicle.

Karen O’Donnell

The show starts at 7:30 p.m. at Grady’s Grille, 18147 Harwood Ave., Homewood. Reservations are recommended. Contact Karen O’Donnell at [email protected].

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