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Homewood schools target March 1 for hybrid reopening

The District 153 school board unanimously approved a plan Monday to move to hybrid learning starting March 1, allowing students to complete the last trimester of the school year in their classrooms. “I’m confident we’ll be ready to go, as we are today,” said Superintendent Dale Mitchell when he outlined[Read More…]

Letter: District 161 board should focus on improving remote learning, not reopening schools

I recently read your informative article “Board members disagree over what criteria should prompt schools reopening” and was equally hopeful and concerned about some opinions expressed by the board. I commend Superintendent Smith, School Nurse Knawa and Board Secretary Blackman for being both concerned and knowledgable about the impact this[Read More…]

District 153 making plans for schools reopening

The District 153 school board, hoping students can return to schools for the second semester, is making plans for their return. The board will conduct a special meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 7, to set a path forward. Although COVID-19 infection numbers are high now, school planning committees[Read More…]

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