H-F back to charging summer school tuition after grants expire

Summer school at Homewood-Flossmoor High School has families paying a $175 tuition fee again after federal pandemic funding expired.

H-F reports 733 students have been taking classes during this summer school session that started June 10 and ends on Friday, July 19.  Classes are five hours per day and meet Monday through Friday.

“For the past two summers (2020-21 and 2021-22 school years), the costs of summer school were covered by the Federal ESSER III and (Illinois) Community Partnership grants,” said Carla Erdey, director of public relations at H-F. “As a result, students were able to attend summer school free of charge. Both grants expired and were not intended to cover summer school costs beyond the 2021-22 term.”

However, students who haven’t been able to meet their academic goals attend the Credit Recovery Program for free, she said. The cost of the Credit Recovery Program is covered by a grant.


Erdey said in summer 2019 summer school enrollment was 991 students. It dropped to 739 students in summer 2020, but that also was the summer after schools closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic. 

Erdey provided these statistics for the current summer 2024 term:

  • Students take summer school courses either to get ahead or for credit recovery based on students’ needs.
  • H-F has hired 32 teachers, two deans, four deans’ assistants/security specifically for summer school.  
  • Nine teachers are teaching in Summer Academy, a program for incoming freshmen to acclimate them to the high school setting with a focus on English, math and biology, as well as study skills, work habits and organization skills.
  • Four teachers are teaching in the Summer Bridge program designed to assist incoming freshmen in building competency in English and math through intensive instruction.   

“The total cost for summer school this year is $450,025, including the extended school year for special education students,” Erdey told the Chronicle.  

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