H-F board approves administrators raises

The District 233 school board approved 2024-25 salary increases for the administrative team at Homewood-Flossmoor High School at the April 16 meeting.

The majority of the administrators received a 4% increase, with Steve Richardson receiving an 8% raise and Jennifer Rudan receiving an 8.5% raise. The board has determined that for 2025-26, administrators’ salaries will increase by the Consumer Price Index increase set in December 2024 or 6%, whichever is less.

The approved salaries are:

  •  Jodi Bryant, director of special programs, $155,381.
  •  Lawrence Cook, chief school business official, $196,630.
  • Dave Dore, special education director, $144,040.
  • Carla Erdey, director of communications and community engagement, $146,016.
  • Craig Fantin, associate principal, $146,900.
  • Jennifer Hester, director of curriculum, instruction and professional development, $192,815.
  • Matt Lyke, athletics director, $145,709.
  • Jim Patterson, director of operations and maintenance, $135,539.
  • Steve Richardson, director of information technology, $148,950.
  • Jennifer Rudan, director of student supports, $145,281.
  • Jim Schmidt, assistant principal, $141,960.
  • Gail Smith, director of activities, $124,800.
  • Shannon Swilley, associate principal, $137,800.

In other business, the board renewed its contract for another year with RJB Properties for cleaning services with a 3.4% increase. The total is $1.52 million.

The board agreed to work with the Village of Flossmoor for an automated license plate reader that will be mounted on school property near the intersection of Flossmoor Road and Kedzie Avenue.

The board also approved a resolution for the transfer of $8.75 million in Working Cash Funds to the capital projects account. The amount will be withdrawn from the district’s cash reserves and will be used to pay off the science wing under construction. 

The district already transferred $20 million in working cash bonds to the capital projects account to cover construction work in the North Building for updates to the fashion design, interior design and culinary kitchens and the bulk of the science wing expenses.

Correction: Jodi Bryant originally was identified as director of human resources. She is now director of special programs. The Chronicle apologizes for the error.

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