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To help local pollinators, Homewood invites residents to participate in ‘No Mow May’ this year

Yards with dandelions and other small flowering plants can provide habitat for pollinator insects during spring. The No Mow May movement encourages people to avoid mowing for several weeks to give the critters a chance to get established. (Chronicle file photo)

Dandelions and other plant life favored by pollinator creatures will have a chance to flourish undisturbed by lawn mowers for a few weeks this year after Homewood officials announced participation in “No Mow May.”

In a social media post on Thursday, April 4, the village announced that residents would be encouraged to participate in the movement to reducing mowing “to allow pollinators to do their thing in grass with flowers.”

“Early spring pollinators are just starting to emerge and can use flowering lawn plants as food,” officials said in the post. “Dandelion, dead nettle, violets, clover are all delicacies to bees and other pollinators. By taking the month off mowing, you’re providing pollinators with vital food and habitat.”

Initially, residents were encouraged to post a sign in their yards if they plan to abstain from mowing. An update clarified that signs are not required.

Signs might be useful, though, to alert neighbors that the taller-than-usual plantlife is because of an intentional and temporary project rather than neglected. Village Manager Napoleon Haney noted that reports about weeds and tall grass are among the most common complaints residents make about their neighbors.

While “No Mow May” ends May 31, the village will allow a one week grace period for residents to get their lawns back in compliance with municipal code. After June 7, code enforcement will resume and anyone with plants can be subject to citation.

Division 3, Sections 84-89 of village code describes the requirements for maintaining yards, including keeping vegetation trimmed to no more than six inches in height. If a property owner fails to comply, the village can have grass and weeds cut and will file a lien on the property if necessary to recoup the cost. 

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