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Flossmoor trustees give preliminary nod to proposed liquor sales associated with cigar lounge

Corey Singleton, left, and Louis Morgan of 7th Floor Hospitality explain their plans for a liquor store at the Flossmoor board meeting on Feb. 5. (Eric Crump/H-F Chronicle)

Flossmoor trustees expressed support at their Feb. 5 meeting for a liquor license request from 7th Floor Hospitality to develop liquor sales that will be part of a cigar lounge the company is developing.*

Staff will now draft an ordinance to increase the number of class B liquor licenses by one so 7th Floor can apply for it. A class B license allows consumption off premises.

The retail liquor store will be in the building at 1615 Vollmer Road, but it technically is Unit D of the business complex at 1835 Dixie Highway.

That distinction matters because, as 7th Floor partners Corey Singleton and and Louis Morgan explained to the board, the liquor store’s purpose is to provide alcohol by the bottle for customers of a cigar lounge located in the same structure.


Morgan told the board that to comply with Illinois law, liquor and tobacco licenses have to be held by separate business entities.

The liquor store will be in a small space and will have a boutique selection of bourbon, whiskey, tequila and scotch, as well as red and white wine. Because the purpose of the store is to serve cigar lounge patrons, it will not be promoted to the public, Morgan said.

Phase 1 of the project will include the cigar lounge and liquor store, but Morgan said the next phase would be the development of a members-only cigar lounge at the same site.

The company will eventually offer food at the cigar lounge, but it will be prepared in an off-site professional kitchen. Morgan said 7th Floor also hopes to open a full service restaurant in the area at some point.

Mayor Michelle Nelson asked about the company’s investment in the project. Morgan said the space was in poor shape when 7th Floor acquired it. With acquisition and renovations, he said the company’s investment will be nearly $1 million.

Morgan said the business model and atmosphere are inspired by The Clayton, a high-end cigar lounge that has a Chicago location. 

“Our goal is to bring a  downtown upscale feel to our community to add to the prestige of what we have in Flossmoor,” Morgan said.

Trustees complimented the businessmen on the project. 

Trustee George Lofton said he had visited The Clayton and said a similar establishment in Flossmoor would be an asset.

“I think it’ll be a real prize establishment,” he said.

Trustee Gary Daggett agreed. 

“I like that the concept is a community space more than just a cigar lounge,” he said. “It’s a place to go have conversation, have business meetings.”

Trustee Jim Mitros was most impressed with the detailed plans and drawings the company submitted with its liquor license application.

“I applaud you on the presentation. When we’re talking about liquor licenses, this should be the standard on what we get from applications,” he said. “We might want to use this in the future to point out to people this is what we expect.”

Trustee Brian Driscoll offered a note of caution, though. He suggested staff might include appropriate language in the ordinance that requires board review for any future growth of the liquor element of the business.

* Revised to clarify the liquor sales will not be a traditional retail sales establishment but will be within the cigar lounge space.

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