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Reps. Kelly, Balderson announce the Congressional Digital Health Caucus

The Caucus aims to inform policymakers of the rapid advancements in digital health innovation, highlight the potential impacts on patients and the healthcare system, and ensure that all Americans benefit from the transformative power of digital health tools.

The Digital Health Caucus, composed of a bipartisan group of lawmakers, will serve as a platform for dialogue and collaboration among experts from government, the private sector, and the healthcare industry. By fostering partnerships and driving informed discussions, the Caucus seeks to shape policies that support the integration of cutting-edge digital health technologies into the healthcare landscape.

Key Objectives of the Congressional Digital Health Caucus:

1. Informing Policymakers: The Caucus will play a crucial role in educating policymakers about the latest developments in digital health, providing insights into the potential benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and the broader healthcare system.

2. Ensuring Accessibility for All Americans: Recognizing the importance of equitable access, the Caucus will work to ensure that digital health tools are accessible to all Americans, irrespective of socio-economic status or geographical location.

3. Promoting Collaboration: The Caucus will serve as a hub for collaboration between government agencies, private sector innovators, and healthcare professionals. By fostering partnerships, the Caucus aims to accelerate the development and adoption of digital health solutions.

4. Addressing Regulatory Challenges: Digital health innovation often outpaces existing regulatory frameworks. The Caucus will advocate for policies that strike a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring patient safety and data security.

5. Advancing Research and Development: The Caucus will work to advance research and development in the digital health space, encouraging innovation that improves patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

“The Digital Health Caucus will work to ensure that historically marginalized communities have equal access to these groundbreaking advancements. By incorporating the responsible use of technology into our caring systems, patients will be able to access ever-growing possibilities for treatment and prevention,” Kelly said.

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