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County assessor announces April 29 deadline for property tax exemption applications

Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi announced on April 18 the deadline for homeowners to apply for property tax exemptions is Monday, April 29.  

Exemptions are property tax savings that contribute to lowering a property owner’s tax bill.  

“My goal is to ensure that homeowners receive all the money-saving exemptions to which they are entitled,” Kaegi said. “Until April 29, homeowners can visit our website or office locations to apply for exemptions.” 

Homeowners must reapply for the Veterans with Disabilities and Low-Income Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze (the “Senior Freeze”) Exemptions. Seniors and veterans who need to reapply were mailed application booklets. The applications should be returned by April 29, or homeowners can apply online to make the deadline.  

If a property owner who did not receive such a booklet believes they are eligible for one of these exemptions, they should apply online or in-person by April 29.  

The Homeowner, Senior, and Persons with Disabilities Exemptions are automatically renewed. 

All homeowners are strongly encouraged to apply online. This allows staff to easily locate the application, provide a status update, and notify the homeowner if missing documents are needed. 

New homeowners, first-time applicants, or those that need to reapply can do so online by visiting Applying online is easy, free, and can be done in under ten minutes. 

Exemptions forms are available in Spanish, Polish, and simplified Chinese languages. Applications can be downloaded at

Savings from exemptions are only reflected on the second installment tax bill. 

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