District 153 honors three students for outstanding efforts

On Monday, Nov. 13, the District 153 school board recognized three students for their outstanding efforts.

Students received the Tom Dockweiler Award for their outstanding achievements in the 2022 school year. The award is recognition for former school board member Tom Dockweiler who set a goal for students to show improvement from year to year.

Willa Easter was recognized for her outstanding growth on the district’s STAR exams when she was a second grader in the 2022-23 school year. Between the first exam in fall and the second exam in spring, Willa recorded a growth of more than 250 points, said Willow School Principal Melissa Lawson. She added that Willa is also an enthusiastic and hardworking student.

At Churchill School, Aiden Jones, now a fifth grader, had the highest improvement scores in math and reading during the 2022-23 school year on the district’s STAR assessment tests. “The growth that we saw in math was incredible,” said Principal Sara Schnoor. Teachers describe Aiden as funny, kind, hardworking and a team player.

Eighth grader Zaria Nunn was honored for her efforts at James Hart School. Principal Kim Johnson said Zaria has persevered through great personal loss. Her efforts and positive demeanor haven’t been lost on Hart staff.

“Her character and being involved in school activities, her strong academics; each and every day she’s striving for greatness,” Johnson said.

“We would be remiss if we didn’t comment on all the parents and families because the students who are being recognized, and literally we have hundreds and hundreds of great students in District 153, they don’t just magically happen. They happen because of caring, loving families” as well as the district’s teachers and staff, said Superintendent Scott McAlister. 

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