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Education Week: The classroom is stagnant, let’s liven it up

Education is an essential part of our society. To learn and to continue learning define our adaptability and usefulness for our economy and our everyday lives. Learning and education can open our eyes to endless possibilities and fields of knowledge that we didn’t know before.

Ahmad Powell

In this sense, education is the foundation of growth. We must learn in order to overcome and progress as human beings. Education has a positive impact on life and society in general, it is the institution and methodology of education that people disagree on.

I believe that the education system has grown stagnant, not changing or evolving to become more efficient and effective for students. We as a society have become comfortable and complacent with how we deal with students and how we expose them to information. Constant review, critiques and innovation are required in order to become more efficient.

Just look at the vast amount of changes that have occurred within the last decade to things that relate to science, inventions and social issues. Things that were unimaginable decades ago are now commonplace.
This same revision must be applied to education in order to further progress the state of education. We must sever the ties of what is usual or normal and fight to introduce something new; something greater than what we have.


Why not add to the experience of school? Why not add more hands on learning and interactive activities in order to immerse the student in what they are striving to master? Why not change the classroom environment and make school more lively and inviting so that students feel more at ease rather than feeling confined and trapped.

All of these changes cost money, resources, time and effort, but shouldn’t that be worth the future generations of students having a more enjojyable, more effective learning experience?

It is easy for me as a student to critique and poke holes in this system, but we must also realize that in order to reform something as rudimentary as the education system, we need a large reform. There have been people that have had the same opinions and thoughts as me as it concerns the education system and some that have even tried to institute that change.

There will also be others after me that agree with this need to improve and to change for the greater good of the future. However, nothing will be done with projections and dreams. In order to change something for the better in this world, we must all come together in order to establish this reform that is necessary for the growth of education.

In conclusion, as a Homewood-Flossmoor High student, I am utterly blessed with the opportunity to go to such a prestigious institution that has almost unlimited resources and paths that students can explore and invest their futures into. The staff, the administration, the atmosphere, it’s almost surreal at times.

However, my mind races at the same time about what the future holds for the people that come after me and how much we can positively impact the lives of thousands if we take that step, that leap of faith, to question where we are and how much we can improve.

The future of education, I believe, is unlimited and is only shackled to the bonds that we place on ourselves.

Note: Ahmad Powell is a member of the Homewood-Flossmoor High School Class of 2025.

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