Hart School administration acts on student threat

Administrators at James Hart School in Homewood are dealing with a student’s threats of violence against the school that were made Wednesday, Nov. 8.

The student reportedly warned students not to come to school on Thursday.

Principal Kim Johnson wrote to Hart parents: “Upon learning this, we immediately intercepted the student this morning and (the student) will be disciplined according to district policies.” 

Whether the action was meant as a threat or a joke, “the consequences can be severe, including disciplinary action and (leads to) involvement of the Homewood Police Department,” the principal noted.


James Hart serves 706 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

Johnson told parents that despite the threat, “not one student reported it yesterday when it occurred.” She said staff would be working to reinforce the importance of sharing comments and threats with teachers or adult staff members.

“When you see or hear something, say something” will be the message that students will hear, Johnson said.  She told parents: “We would really appreciate your support in reinforcing this message with your child at home. The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority.”

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