District 153 starts breakfast program

This year, District 153 is giving kids the chance to start their day with breakfast with a new “grab and go” program.

Breakfast has been called the most important meal of the day, and research shows that kids who have breakfast perform better in school. To get kids off to a good start, the weekly menu for students at James Hart, Churchill and Willow Schools can include a box of cereal, a muffin or a breakfast bar. All portions include graham crackers, apple juice or fruit punch, a fruit and milk.

On average, about 40 students at Hart, 100 students at Churchill and 60 students at Willow are taking breakfast at school. Administrators expect the numbers to increase over the semesters. Hart and Willow students are eating in the cafeteria before class. Churchill students are eating in their classrooms. 

The district started the program because 40% of the students at Hart qualified for free or reduced lunches last year, although the program is open to all students in the district.

District 153 parents and guardians with questions about the breakfast program can call the school district Food Service Director Dana Pries at 708-922-2417.

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