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Flossmoor baseball and softball team make history with three-peat championship

During its Aug. 7 meeting, the Village of Flossmoor Board recognized the performance of the Flossmoor Baseball & Softball (FBBSB) Pony Division team, known as the Railriders. The highlight of the team’s season came on July 22 when they won the South Suburban Youth Baseball League (SSYBL) title for the third consecutive year.

The Railriders’ coaches, Andy Wettstein and Alejandro Young, and several of the players were on all three championship teams. This year’s team, composed of 13 players aged 13 to 15 from the South Suburbs including from Flossmoor, finished 11-5-1. 

The Flossmoor Baseball and Softball program, run entirely by volunteers and providing exemplary service to the community for more than four decades, maintains a constant presence in the South Suburbs of Chicago. Although initiatives like this are becoming less common, the FBBSB continues to be committed to developing new talent and promoting a passion for the game.

Over 325 kids took part in FBBSB this year at one of its numerous levels. The effort is led by Jason Rudolph, the FBBSB Pony Division Commissioner, and Carlo Gozzi, the organization’s president.

“We are so proud here in the village of Flossmoor. Thank you for bringing it home and having great exposure. We know you’ll do great things,” said Mayor Michelle Nelson. 

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