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Flossmoor Village Board greenlights Brookwood Bridge and Butterfield Road Culvert reconstruction project

The Flossmoor village board advanced infrastructure development by passing a motion during its Monday night meeting on July 17. The Brookwood Bridge and Butterfield Road Culvert Reconstruction Project, which will improve local transportation infrastructure, was approved for funding and engineering services by the board.

According to Public Works Director John Brunke, the project was let on IDOT’s June 16 State Letting, and D Construction Inc. from Coal City submitted the lowest responsible bid of $1,018,214. 

According to the agreement, the construction will be fully funded by federal and state funds of up to $1,104,180. The village will assume any construction costs over that amount. The agreement also includes Phase 3 Construction Engineering at 100% state funding up to $110,418, which will be considered separately on the village’s agenda.

“We have to shout out these great advancements to ensure that the residents know how fiscally responsible the village has been. We really appreciate all the hard work you have put into this,” Trustee Joni Bradley-Scott said.

The construction project was already funded in the FY24 Budget, with $1,104,180 allotted. The Village will pay the construction contractor invoices and be reimbursed by IDOT up to the approved funding amount. The Village will cover any potential overages. Brunke stated that the staff does not anticipate any overages at this time. Because the construction bid was less than the estimated cost, there is a financial cushion that will be reimbursed by the grant if necessary.

According to Brunke, the Brookwood Bridge and Butterfield Road Culvert Reconstruction Project is set to begin later this summer and is expected to be completed by the end of the year or possibly spring at the latest.  Public Works intends to hold a resident open house to provide more details about the project timeline and how it affects residents. Brookwood Drive will be closed throughout the project and turned into a temporary cul-de-sac.

“The Butterfield Road Culvert (project) is really exciting because that culvert is in terrible condition and is falling apart,” Brunke said. He further detailed how the culvert will be replaced during the project but will be done in gaps at a time so that residents still have access to back to the road and their neighborhoods. 

In addition to funding approval, the Village Board approved Phase 3 Construction Engineering Services for the project. Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd. (CBBEL) submitted a proposal for this phase with a contract of, at most, $110,418. The construction engineering services will be fully funded and reimbursed by State Road Funds up to this amount. Any potential contract overages will be the village’s responsibility.

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