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Adults get to play in the water at the Splash Pad on Aug. 4

Adults, prepare for a chance to make a big splash return to the Millennium Park Splash Pad in Homewood! Grown-up Night at the Splash Pad returns from 7 to 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 4.

Adults frolic in the water during a previous Splash Pad party. (Provided photo)

The location is mainly utilized by kids who have a good time. The Splash Pad has shooting water spouts and fun apparatus that will spray and drop water on kids. It’s been a special feature at Millennium Park since it opened in 2000.

Nevertheless, Grown-up Night at the Splash Pad has been a popular event in Homewood for several years now, and this year will be no different.

Oralethea Davenport, coordinator for this free event, reiterated why this is an annual event.
“It’s just a big party at the Splash Pad. The staff, along with some sponsors, were simply looking to do something different for a change,” Davenport said.

This is an adults event for persons 21 and older. Alcohol and food will be available for purchase. In addition, a DJ will be on hand to play music throughout the event.

“The Grown-up Night is a ton of fun and a great way for adults to let loose. Only adults are allowed in the Splash Pad that night,” Davenport said.

In addition to playing in the Splash Pad, adults will be able to play bags, frisbee, giant pong and water gun fights.

“Last year I also brought out a pinata, and I might do another one this year,” Davenport said.

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