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Some H-F students disappointed when prom tickets sell out

Saturday, May 6, Homewood-Flossmoor High School is hosting “An Enchanted Evening,” the junior/senior prom. But everyone who wants to go won’t be able to attend.

The high school is using a venue that can only accommodate 650 students. It’s estimated that 75 students will miss out on the fun of prom.

The administration said it made various attempts reminding students to purchase their tickets early. When ticket sales were closed, the school started a wait list for seniors and has been able to accommodate all of them that they are aware of. Some juniors are without a ticket. 

In a statement to students and parents, Principal Clinton Alexander said the school administration recognizes that this is a disappointment to students and it was “surveying students today (May 5) to gauge interest in an alternative prom-like option that would be held at a date in the near future for those who did not get tickets.”

The prom is being held at Revel Motor Row, 2400 S. Michigan Ave. in Chicago. This was the site planned for the 2020 prom that got cancelled due to the pandemic. H-F had already put money down for that event, and the operators of Revel Motor Row agreed to fulfill its pledge for an event in the future.

As Alexander explained: “…unbeknownst to us, the management company sold the larger event space we initially had contracted for; however, the company was able to host this year’s prom in its smaller space. As I am sure you know, there are only a few event spaces in downtown Chicago
large enough to host a high school prom as large as ours, and those spaces all were booked by the time H-F was made aware of the sale of the larger event space.”

Planning for a prom usually begins a year in advance. Alexander assures students that “a larger space is secured for Prom 2024.”

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