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H-F administrators awarded merit pay

The District 233 school board approved merit pay for top administrators at the April 11 board meeting.

Superintendent Scott Wakeley, who recommended the payments, said they are “about plus-plus” in recognition of the work administrators do throughout the school year that is above and beyond regular duties.

“I am very cognizant of when everybody doesn’t get the same thing. There should not be a judgment made about why administrator X and administrator Y got different amounts, because that’s going to vary from year to year I thought it would be unfair to make value judgments about performance because this is plus, job embedded plus,” he explained.

Administrators receiving merit pay are:

  • Clinton Alexander, H-F principal, $5,000
  • Jody Bryant, director of human resources, $3,500
  • Lawrence Cook, chief school business official, $5,000
  • Carla Erdy, director of communications and community engagement, $5,000
  • Craig Fantin, associate principal, $4,500
  • Jennifer Hester, director of curriculum, instruction and professional development, $5,000
  • Matthew Lyke, director of athletics, $4,000
  • Jim Patterson, director of operations and maintenance, $4,000
  • Steve Richardson, director of information systems, $4,000
  • Jennifer Rudan, director of student services, $3,500
  • Shannon Swilley, associate principal, $4,000
  • Angela Taylor, director of special education, $3,500

It was noted that Wakeley will be considered for merit pay at a future meeting.

New Alumni Director

Victoria Koblick of New Lenox was named the next H-F alumni director.  She will start July 1 filling the position being vacated by Ann Cherry who is retiring.

Koblick had worked for H-F after receiving a degree in public relations from Illinois State University in 2005. She was public relations and human resources assistant from 2005 to 2009. She took on outreach to H-F alumni launching an alumni relations initiative before H-F formally organized the Alumni Department.

In 2009, she took a position outside of H-F, but returned to the school in 2019 working as the human resources specialist.

Superintendent Scott Wakeley said Koblick is well known to staff. She will be interacting with students, staff and alumni and will be fostering business partnerships for H-F. 

“I am H-F’s biggest cheerleader and I can’t tell you how thankful and thrilled I am for this opportunity to serve,” Koblick told board members after her appointment was announced at the school board meeting.

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