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Meet the Candidates: Rosalind Mustafa, Flossmoor (free)

Rosalind Mustafa

Education: B.A. English/French, Elmhurst University; M.B.A. Finance, DePaul University; French, University of Pau, Bayonne, France.
Job/role: Retired
Family: Married, blended family of seven.

Flossmoor is well managed and fiscally responsible. The inflationary economy has strained expenditures and costs. Almost all budgeted projects have been more expensive due to increased costs, delays and supply chain disruption. Managing this uncertainty will continue to be a challenge going forward.

As a non-home rule municipality, Flossmoor has limited options for increasing tax levies when inflation is over 5%. Budget shortfalls could be an issue in the future. Increased economic development will reduce the tax burden on residential owners. Attracting commercial and multi-unit development will be increasingly important over the next few years. Infrastructure improvements and monitoring loss of water continue to be important issues, and plans are in progress to continue flood remediation, street and sewer repair, as well as water meter replacement.

I will continue my focus on fiscal accountability and transparency about policy, budgets, capital expenditures, new development and services. I will seek opportunities for economic development and alternative approaches for additional revenue streams. I will bring to the board best practices for governance. It is important for Flossmoor to seek greater diversity in procurement and service providers, and I will support practices and policies that achieve that end. 


If elected, I will work with other board members and department heads to review performance against measures for equal and just access. I will promote open communication with residents, especially in matters of budgets, property taxes, capital and infrastructure projects.

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