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Meet the Candidates: Chenise ‘Cece’ Belue, Homewood (free)

Cherise “Cece” Belue

Age: 43
Education: B.A. Economics, Roosevelt University; M.A. Elementary Education, National Louis University; M.A. Educational Administration, Governors Sate University.
Job/role: Assistant principal.
Family: Four sons.
Other elected positions: Trustee, Homewood Public Library.

Supporting Homewood’s record of promoting and maintaining economic development within our community is a high-priority issue in my role as trustee. I would be honored to have an opportunity to continue this work. Safe communities, an eclectic mix of local businesses to support, stable property values, clean and green spaces, a welcoming atmosphere for diverse families, family-friendly activities, and appropriately funded schools have huge impacts on the desirability of a community. Economic development plays a vital role in each of those dynamics. It’s imperative that we continue being open-minded and creative with the way we increase revenue and spend in a manner that is fiscally responsible, yet reflective of all the great aspects Homewood has to offer.

Our community’s concerns related to general public safety issues (and more specific concerns such as pedestrian and cyclist safety/accessibility) are taken seriously. We are residents also with some of the same concerns. As a trustee, I would continue to collaborate with multiple entities to address these issues in a timely manner. I value input from the various stakeholders that invest the time to weigh in on a number of potential solutions.

One of the unique aspects of Homewood is that the village carries no debt and we also continue to attract new businesses on a regular basis. We have been able to use this combination to furnish cohesive and efficient public services as well as a high-quality blend of events that attract residents from communities near and far. If elected for another term, it is my goal to continue working with all stakeholders to maintain a pattern of using resources wisely and contribute to the evolution of how we serve our community.

Among my goals is the dedication to remaining open-minded to community members’ concerns. Effective communication is a key element to resolutions and relationships. Approachability is a quality we have worked as trustees to maintain. 

Our village’s eclectic blend of residents and welcoming atmosphere are aspects that attract many people. It is my goal to explore how we can proactively engage our community in a variety of conversations — including interactions between community members with diverse needs or circumstances and local authorities. Mutual respect, transparency, advocacy and balanced representation between parties are essential and we all bring value.

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