Pam Jackson
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Meet the Candidates: Pamela Jackson, D233 (free)

Pam Jackson
Pam Jackson

Age: 54
Education: B.S. in HR Management
Job/role: Executive relationship manager-UKG (Human Capital software company)
Family: Four children; a niece and 95-year-old aunt.
Other elected positions: Current District 233 school board member.


  1. School safety and student/teacher mental health are top of mind for me.  At a time when many students and teachers are facing mental crisis, I believe it is vitally important that we continue to focus on this topic and leverage educational technology for early detection of signs of crisis and provide proactive support to our students and teachers. With school violence being on the rise nationwide, it is important that we stay on high alert and continually look for ways to leverage technology and best practices other institutions are using to stay ahead of the curve and keep their buildings safe. 
  2. Fiscal responsibility: Given the current economic climate and with many unknowns about state funding and pension cost shift, to name a few, we will need to be prudent about spending, always ensuring we balance what’s best for our students with the sensibility of making significant spending decisions around construction projects, large purchases, contracts, etc.                           
  3. Closing the learning gap: Many great initiatives are underway to address this:  MTSS coordinator, Terrace Metrics, Math curriculum overhaul, Redefining Ready, instructional coaches, and reading intervention to name a few. My passion around the learning gap is great. Our infrastructure is strong. The combination of providing a rigorous curriculum and deepening professional development is playing an important role and marching toward moving the needle. Two elements that can contribute to this are motivation and engagement and linking school and home. They are vital elements that should continue with intensity and intentionality.    


  • Leveraging data to measure, benchmark and make informed decisions. 
  • I would like to see us focus on the board policies process, ensuring we are consistent and have proper protocols to address issues that are brought to the board for vote.  
  • Ensure we are applying an equity lens across every aspect of the district-student data; whole child learning; ensuring every child receives what he/she needs to realize fullest potential; equity based multi-tiered support structure; and professional development, just to name a few.  
  • Family engagement — close cooperation between the school, parents and community is a key to closing the achievement gap. I would like to see a bigger push to bring these three together.

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