H-F prom dress code goes too far

Jill Sehlke, District 153 lunchroom cashier. She started in the district in 2009.

I make a point every year to learn the name of each child who comes through my line. You would be surprised what a reaction you get when you say, “Hello John, how are you today?” A simple question like that often gets me a great big smile and an answer. I have learned about concerts, tests, game scores, recent accomplishments and many birthday parties!  And always, at the end of the conversation I am wished a good day. It doesn’t get better than that.

We have four lunch periods, and I have about 10 minutes to get about 50 children processed. It runs surprisingly smooth, even with that many students, as well as teachers coming through my line. They all wait patiently for their turn and know I will get to them as soon as I can. I also have tokens for the children. When they act exceptionally well, using their manners, loaning a friend “just enough lunch money” or politely letting a teacher purchase their lunch, they get a reward. For Millennium students I hand out “Be” tokens, and for James Hart, they get “Panther Paws.” When a student accumulates a certain number of tokens they can trade them in for a prize.

I have so many fun stories from over the years. It’s hard to choose a favorite one. My daughter is also on staff in District 153, currently teaching at Millennium. Occasionally, a student will ask me what my name is and I reply, “I’m Mrs. Sehlke.” Many times I will hear, “That’s funny, I have a teacher named Ms. Sehlke.” When I tell them I am her mother, they are surprised. Last fall my daughter was married and she has taken her husband’s name. This has caused all kind of confusion, as some students still call her Ms. Sehlke, and others refer to her as Mrs. Kasper. One day a student came to me and asked if Ms. Sehlke is now Mrs. Kasper, are you still Mrs. Sehlke?

Gotta love it!

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