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Rep. DeLuca supports insurance reform legislation

Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Chicago Heights, voted in this Illinois legislative session to back an insurance reform plan that he believes will prioritize patients by cracking down on large rate increases, banning “step therapy” and stopping “junk insurance” plans that provide no real coverage.  

“These are needed reforms that recognize the challenges individuals have faced navigating health care,” DeLuca said. “This bill helps to cut costs for consumers, while further empowering patients and doctors on important health care decisions.”

House Bill 5395, known as the Health Care Protection Act, strengthens rate review processes requiring insurance companies to justify premium increases. The bill also prohibits insurance companies from selling inadequate, short-term “junk insurance,” healthcare plans that provide little or no coverage, while eliminating prior authorization hurdles for mental health care.  

The bill also targets the practice known as “step therapy,” a requirement that patients try a medication or treatment other than what was prescribed, and “fail first” before their prescribed treatment is covered.

“We want patients and doctors to pursue the best and most efficient treatment path possible, not be hung up by unnecessary insurance hurdles,” DeLuca said. “This is a good health care measure that prioritizes families and moves our state forward in a better direction. I hope to see it passed and signed into law soon.”

House Bill 5395 passed the House with bipartisan support and is currently under consideration in the Senate. 

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