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Future of Calumet Country Club development unclear 

The future of the property on which the Calumet Country Club sits is unclear, after a recent vote in Homewood and Cook County officials saying a forest preserve purchase is unlikely. Homewood approved a settlement with developer Diversified Partners of Arizona on Jan. 26. Plans were for a distribution warehouse[Read More…]

Homewood votes down rezoning for trucking depot

A proposed trucking warehouse hit a major pothole Tuesday as the Homewood village board voted down a proposal to rezone the property to make way for the project.  “Nowhere in our comprehensive plan has it ever said that a loud, diesel-fueled, smog-inducing, tree-killing and road-wrecking trucking hub would be a[Read More…]


Protest echoes outside Homewood meeting

Protestors hold signs in the meeting room’s windows and chant during the Homewood Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 23. The rally was organized by South Suburbs Greenspace over Concrete, which opposes the redevelopment of Calumet Country Club. (Andrew Burke-Stevenson/H-F Chronicle) Despite protests outside, a Homewood village board meeting[Read More…]

No comment from Homewood for now regarding Hazel Crest statement

When Hazel Crest Village President Vernard Alsberry Jr. announced last week that the village board had decided to oppose the plan to redevelop Calumet Country Club into a distribution center, the statement changed the political dynamic surrounding the project. For the past 18 months, Hazel Crest declined to take a[Read More…]

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