Cicada party: Welcome to H-F, Brood XIII

In 2007, millions and millions of periodic cicadas emerged from the ground, sang their songs, found their mates, deposited their eggs and died. Their kids are back. Early emerging members of Brood XIII, the cicada group that inhabits northern Illinois, have already started peeping out of their burrows, and by[Read More…]

From left, eclipse viewers Yvette Miller, Candice Seals, Hazel McCoy, Darryl Williams and Andre Harris II. (Eric Crump/H-F Chronicle)

Crowd at PSC watches astronomical dance

With necks craned and special glasses in place, a crowd of area residents and students watched the eclipse Monday, April 8, from the Scholars Garden at Prairie State College. Dawn Sterning, PSC library services manager, said the event included an opportunity to make a pinhole projector. Plus, a livestream video[Read More…]

Flossmoor metal musician believes music can change the world

Edward Spigner, a 34-year-old Flossmoor resident with the stage name of “Ded” Ed, formed the metal band Thutch in 2021. What started as a personal music project in the mid-2010s eventually became something bigger — a five-piece band full of colorful stage personas that has performed throughout Chicagoland, the Great Lakes Region[Read More…]

Health & Wellness 2024: Sitting all day is terrible for your health – here’s a relatively easy way to counteract it

Keith Diaz, Columbia UniversityThe Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea To reduce the harmful health effects of sitting, take a five-minute light walk every half-hour. That’s the key finding of a 2023 study that my colleagues and I published in the journal Medicine[Read More…]

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