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4th Annual Chamber Night to feature live music and local businesses 

Members of the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bel Canto Choir are set to perform in front of the Flossmoor Public Library on the evening of Thursday, July 25, for a fourth annual Chamber Night. 

Before the performances, local Flossmoor businesses, both from downtown Flossmoor and other parts of town, will set up shop outside in a Shop, Wine and Dine event.

Chamber Night is a free, annual event organized by the Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Flossmoor Business Association. It started in 2020 as a way to bring support to local small businesses that were struggling because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since the event’s inception, Chamber Night has only grown in size, organizers said.


“We don’t have an exact number but we know we had well over 400 [attendees] last year,” Chamber of Commerce President Terri Winfree said.

“Every year, it keeps growing and growing and getting better,” Flossmoor Business Association President Maureen Mader said.

The event will have food and drinks available and a display of local artwork, Winfree said. It’s set to begin at 5 p.m. with the Bel Canto Choir performing around 5:45 p.m. and the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra members performing afterwards.

“This year, we’re featuring a brass percussion ensemble,” Winfree said.

Participating businesses in downtown Flossmoor will keep their doors open and have giveaways during Chamber Night regardless of their normal closing hours, Mader said. This includes her business, Dunning’s Market & Deli, which she said will set up a grill and serve food.

This will be the first Chamber Night where Flossmoor businesses have been invited to move down to the concert area and set up shop, Mader said. She stressed that Flossmoor Business Association members who own businesses in other parts of Flossmoor are also welcome to participate, adding that it’s free to do so.

“The other goal is that people can see how many businesses there are in Flossmoor. Because there’s a lot,” Mader said. “Some of the businesses aren’t on this main strip. They’re in other areas like on Vollmer Road or Governors Highway.”

The Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization that provides networking opportunities to and advocates for businesses in Chicagoland’s southern region. The Flossmoor Business Association provides networking opportunities for small businesses in Flossmoor and has helped organize numerous local events.

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