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Flossmoor Volunteer Fire Department Corporation donates training mannequin to fire department

Flossmoor trustees recognized members of the Flossmoor Volunteer Fire Department Corporation (FVFD) during the board’s Aug. 21 meeting for donating a $30,000 state-of-the-art emergency medical services training mannequin to the village fire department.

The mannequin will help elevate the skills of Flossmoor’s emergency personnel in both basic and advanced life support techniques, and fire department officials provided a demonstration at the meeting.

Flossmoor Fire Chief Robert Kopec acknowledged the corporation’s invaluable support.

Members of the Flossmoor Fire Department demonstrate the features of
a realistic EMS training mannequin donated to the department by
the Flosmoor Volunteer Fire Department Corporation. (Provided photo)

“We are here tonight to recognize the amazing work that the volunteer fire department corporation has done,” he said. 

During the presentation, Flossmoor Fire Department Captain Nick Camilli provided an in-depth overview of the mannequin’s distinctive features and application in various training protocols.

Camilli highlighted the mannequin’s ability to replicate field procedures with precision. The mannequin’s lifelike attributes, such as a simulated pulse and breathing motion, give real-time feedback for trainees, contributing to an immersive training environment.

“The EMS mannequin allows us to simulate real calls, our paramedics to perform procedures as they would on a real patient,” Camilli said.

Additionally, the mannequin incorporates advanced medical technology, including an intubation scope for internal visualization, cardiac monitors for rhythm interpretation and designated sections, such as the left leg, for practicing bone-drilling techniques and efficient medication administration.

Camilli demonstrated how the mannequin replicates emergencies allowing trainees to perform procedures as they would in real time. The hands-on experience facilitated by the mannequin is expected to result in improved response times and enhanced patient outcomes.

Kopec expressed his gratitude for the contributions of the volunteer fire department corporation, acknowledging their dedication and support spanning nearly a century. 

FVFD Treasure Scott Steiner provided an overview of the history of the organization and how it supports the community and the village fire department. FVFD was established and chartered in 1928. 

Trustees individually thanked FVFD for the donation and for its work to bolster the village’s emergency services. Several offered stories about family members, neighbors or acquaintenances who benefited from EMS response.

“This is important to our community. I know people in Flossmoor that you’ve often saved their lives getting there within a minute or two and having the skills you have,” Trustee James Mitros said. “My hat’s off to everyone, and thank you, to the volunteer fire department. It’s wonderful.”

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