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Homewood Beautification Awards go to outstanding home, business properties

The home at 1654 Evergreen Road in Homewood was a Blue Ribbon Beautification Award winner. (Eric Crump/H-F Chronicle)

Homewood’s best presentations in gardening and curb appeal in residential and business properties were honored with Beautification Awards at a recognition ceremony Aug. 17.

The Homewood Beautification Committee surveyed Homewood neighborhoods this summer to select places to receive the Blue Ribbon Awards and special recognition Beautification Awards.

Blue Ribbon Beautification Awards were presented to homeowners for having the most attractive properties this year. Winners are: 

2442 Alexander St.; 18118 Dolphin Lake Drive; 1654 Evergreen Road; 1253 Heather Road; 1816 Idlewild Lane; 18469 Kedzie Ave.; 1509 Linden Road; 19136 Pierce Court; 2161 Ridge Road; 1826 Sycamore Road.

Residential Beautification Awards, presented to those who have done an outstanding job beautifying the property:

18458 California Ave.; 18505 Carpenter St.; 18746 Castle; 2220 Cedar Road; 18520 Dundee Ave.; 18539 Dundee Ave.; 17561 Golfview Ave.; 18237 Gottschalk Ave.; 18436 Gottschalk Ave.; 18604 Heather Court.

18224 Highland Ave.; 18625 Highland Ave.; 2708 Hollydale Drive; 18004 Hood Ave.; 1740 Idlewild Lane; 1311 Jamie Lane; 18805 Juhlin Drive; 17730 Larkspur Lane; 17743 Larkspur Lane.

The home at 1509 Linden Road was a Blue Ribbon winner in the Homewood Beaitification Awards. (Eric Crump/H-F Chronicle)

18646 Lexington Ave.; 1519 Linden Road; 1543 Linden Road; 3249 Mallard; 1805 Maple Road; 2226 Maple Road; 18110 Marlin Lane; 18524 Marshfield Ave.; 18528 Martin Ave.; 18465 Morris Ave.; 1632 Olive Road.

2440 Patricia Lane; 18555 Poplar Ave.; 18608 Poplar Ave.; 1253 Ridge Road; 2153 Ridge Road; 18834 Royal Road; 18450 Stedhall Ave.; 1215 Thomas St.; 2823 Walnut Road.

Blue Ribbon Business Awards, to those who have proven to have outstanding curb appeal:

Arbor EyeCare, 2640 183rd St.; Hibbing Building, 2048 Hickory Road; Homewood Disposal, 1501 175th St.; Just Between Trends, 18150 Harwood Ave.; Lassen’s Tap, 2131 183 rd St.; Lions Club Pool, 1041 Ridge Road.

Martin Place Condominiums, 18133-39 Martin Ave.; Menards, 17545 Halsted St.; Parish of St. John Neumann, 17951 Dixie Highway; Park Avenue Dental, 18040 Park Ave.; Pete’s Garage, 18678 Dixie Highway; Shell Station, 2138 183rd St.

Members of the Homewood Beautification Committee are Charles Turman, Arla Blocker, Laurie Klupchak, Sean Nettle, Geraldine Piepenbrink, Joe Sherman, Karen Gallagher, Nakina Shanklin, Sharon Sedgwick, Nicole Gleeson and Sylvia Alexander.

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