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Governor announces largest construction program in state history

Gov. JB Pritzker joined state and local officials at the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) headquarters Friday, July 7, to announce the largest multi-year program to fix and repair infrastructure in state history.

The state plans to spend $40.99 billion over six years as part of the Rebuild Illinois capital program. 

The new multi-year program is the first time in more than a decade that IDOT is releasing a comprehensive approach to invest in all modes of transportation: roads and bridges, aviation, transit, freight and passenger rail, waterways, as well as bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

Pritzker said all 102 counties in the state would be included in the program.

The Fiscal Year 2024-29 Proposed Highway and Multimodal Improvement Program aims to invest $27.03 billion in roads and bridges, with $4.6 billion identified for the current fiscal year. A total of $13.96 billion is programmed for other modes, which includes $9.85 billion for transit, $2.67 billion for freight and passenger rail, $1.25 billion for aviation and $190 million for ports and waterways.

The program will improve 3,006 miles of roads and just over 9.8 million square feet of bridge deck on the state system, with anticipated funding maintaining 738 miles of roads and 1.1 million square feet of bridge deck for infrastructure overseen by local governments. 

Overall, the new program will increase the investment in Illinois roads and bridges by $2.43 billion over six years.

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