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Mom Walk Collective embraces motherhood one step at a time

Moms during a mom walk in Irwin Park in Homewood. (Jalyn Edwards/H-F Chronicle)

A group of mothers in Homewood and Flossmoor formed the Mom Walk Collective to forge connections and create a sense of community. The collective, driven by the shared experiences of motherhood, is quickly becoming a robust support network, empowering local moms.

The Mom Walk Collective was established in June 2022 in Orange County, California, by Jamie Easton. As a new mom with a new career, she was looking for other mom friends who could give her clarity amid the chaos. So after posting a viral TikTok video where she invited local moms for coffee and a walk, the Mom Walk Collective was born.

Homewood resident Chloe Harrison, a local advocate for the the Mom Walk Collective, with her three children. (Jalyn Edwards/H-F Chronicle)

The collective began as a group of mothers who united to establish a nurturing and all-embracing environment for moms from diverse backgrounds, and it has spread its influence across numerous cities and countries.

Homewood resident Chloe Harrison first heard about the group from a friend who attended a walk in another city. As a mother to three children under age 3, Harrison admits she became an ambassador for the Mom Walk Collective because she sought a sense of community. 


“I know that if I needed the community, other people around me needed it,” Harrison said. “What better way to just put yourself out there and start one? I was only expecting one or two people to show up-only people I know personally. But to see 21 moms come out who don’t know each other and publicly say ‘I’m also looking for the community’ is really special.” 

Originating from a simple desire for camaraderie, the Mom Walk Collective has blossomed into a movement that offers a haven for moms seeking understanding, advice, and solidarity. Every other week, moms from all walks of life gather at local H-F parks and trails, lacing their sneakers and strolling side by side.

According to the Mom Walk Collective’s mission, these walks provide more than just physical exercise; they create an environment where moms can freely share their stories and find their village. Laughter and tears are exchanged, forming a bond of shared experiences and support invaluable to the moms navigating the complex world of motherhood. 

“I wanted moms to feel like they have a safe place to come no matter what kind of day they had or how their children are acting,” Harrison explained. “I want moms to feel like they belong somewhere. Motherhood is a place where you are a misfit. You don’t always fit in. So this is a safe space to come as you are with your children as they are and to feel welcome and wanted.”

According to Harrison, the Mom Walk Collective was founded on the notion that no mother should feel alone or unsupported. Instead, moms interact, share their experiences, and provide much-needed support to one another through planned walks and meetups regarding postpartum problems and work-life balance.

“I was just excited when I heard it was coming,” says Brie Coleman. “I honestly love the community of moms. It’s nice to have this community of people that you can have this camaraderie with because they get it. I’m definitely coming back.”

Coleman, one of the collective sponsors, has devoted her life’s work to helping moms. She is a physical therapist and pelvic mobility specialist who founded The Mobile Mommy PT, 1056 Sterling in Flossmoor. A mom to three young children, Coleman understands the impact of pregnancy on the body. As a result, she focuses on treating the entire body holistically so that her patients can begin healing their pelvic floor dysfunction. 

The Mom Walk Collective has grown into a powerful movement, uniting moms in the H-F neighborhood and worldwide and changing lives.  

Mothers searching for a supportive and caring community can find solace in the Mom Walk Collective. The group invites all mothers, not just H-F residents, to join them in their walks and events, where they can connect and receive the support they need. These moms are changing the story of motherhood by coming together and demonstrating that by supporting each other and sharing their experiences, Harrison explained.

To learn more about the Mom Walk Collective in Homewood-Flossmoor, visit their Instagram page @themomwalkco.homewoodflossmoor or Facebook page at The Mom Walk Co. | Homewood-Flossmoor, IL. Moms can find out when the next walk is planned and register for free. 

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