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Meet the Candidates: Anne Colton, Homewood (free)

Anne Colton

Age: 58
Education: Columbia College 1983-85
Job/role: Documentary filmmaker
Family: Married to Bob Colton; three children.
Other elected positions: Trustee, Homewood Village Board 2009-2018; Trustee, Homewood Public Library Board 2006-2009

Community engagement is the biggest issue facing Homewood right now. Local government needs to do a better job of including residents in the decision-making process. We need to do a better job of communicating and we need to be much better about listening, particularly to dissenting viewpoints. We have an incredibly passionate and knowledge-rich community, and the village government needs to tap into that — it will make us stronger and more united if we work together.


  • I will improve our communication with residents.
  • I will make sure people get information in a timely manner, so they can properly and meaningfully weigh in on issues that affect our community.
  • I will create opportunities for residents to bring their skills and knowledge to support the board’s decision-making process.
  • I will support the staff in matters of economic development, making sure that we stay viable and financially robust, but not at the expense of the livability of the residents.
  • I will work with the staff to help Homewood continue to be an open, welcoming, diverse community, and to make improvements where needed.
  • I will work to make Homewood government accessible to all.

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