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Meet the Candidates: David Linnear, D161 (free content)

Age: 65
Education: M.S., University of Arkansas
Job/role: U.S. EPA / Engineer (Project Manager)
Family: Married with 4 children.
Other elected positions: Completing first term on District 161 board.
Issues: As a current board member, I am acutely aware that the district is facing big decisions ahead regarding budget, long range/strategic planning, facility needs and improving climate and culture. Flossmoor shall remain exceptional with high quality education in our diverse community.

Allocating funds must be equitably provided to all students. There must be measurable impact on the quality of education students receive and improvements which enrichment for generations. Budgeting and measuring  (ROI) Return On Investment requires tough choices and skilled stewardship. We must be innovative and research orientated when examining complex academic and extracurricular activities.

Sound decisionmaking must be accomplished by transparent governance, data driven and fact-based evidence. An effective school board must commit to student needs no matter how daunting the task.

Leadership accountability is a must. I take pride in leading by example and have countless years of experience doing so successfully. I will continue to work diligently, be budget conscious and endeavor to achieve at every level.

• Focus on student centered and teacher inspired outcomes.
• Decrease chronic student absenteeism.
• Increase attendance.
• Strive for students’ improvement meeting or exceeding growth targets on ELA and math for NWEA MAP.
• Increase number of students at or above grade level according to assessments.
• Reduce disparity of student expulsion rates.
• Revise SPED trending in all categories.
• Investigate second language instruction in elementary schools.
• Continue recruiting and retaining diverse, highly qualified teachers and staff.
• Increase representation and participation of students’ enrichment programming and extracurricular activities. 

Maintain high quality schools and programs which support and develop the Flossmoor community. Adopt and enforce rules of management and governance. Make decisions pertaining to needs of all children across the district while directing their charge. Support teachers’ bargaining and due process rights. 

Champion advocating the diversity and economic interest of the community. Striving for quality education, student achievement, and closing the achievement gaps. Providing support and resources for teacher driven curriculum, innovation, and implementation. 

I am committed to a life of service and participate in numerous volunteer opportunities some of which include being a honored board member, lobbying for AARP, programs for children with adaptive needs, and my village of Flossmoor community. 

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