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Flossmoor passes $7.10 million 2022 tax levy, a 3.32% increase over last year’s extension

The Village of Flossmoor’s 2022 tax levy is increasing 3.32% over last year’s extension amid a Consumer Price Index that has soared to 7%.

“Tax caps limit us to the lesser of 5% or the Consumer Price Index,” Finance Director Scott Bordui said. “The Consumer Price Index has been well above 5% for quite some time now.”

The Flossmoor Village Board voted 5-0 on Monday, Dec. 5, to approve its consent agenda, which included the final 2022 tax levy at $7.10 million. Trustee George Lofton was absent.

That marks an increase over last year’s extension of $6.88 million. Bordui noted the impact on a home with a $200,000 market value comes to a roughly $50 increase in property taxes.


“Of course, that’s a general estimate,” he said. “Each individual property owner may be more or less than that depending on exemptions, assessment caps and individual home value.” 

With the Flossmoor Public Library’s 2022 tax levy of $1.58 million, the total combined levy comes to $8.69 million. That marks a 3.81% increase over last year’s total extension of $8.37 million.

A public hearing was held prior to the vote. Finance Director Scott Bordui gave a short presentation Dec. 5 about the levy, but no members of the public spoke during the hearing. He noted property taxes represent the largest revenue source in the village’s general fund.

New property for the 2022 tax levy includes Dunkin Donuts, Rainbow Cone and Oasis House of Refuge development projects Flossmoor’s tax levy strategy has remained maximizing the tax levy with an approach of allocating “unlevied” costs to the capped-ceiling lines, Bordui explained.

“The strategy is important to not lose any ground further than what the tax cap legislation has forced us to do already,” Bordui said.

The final levy numbers are down from the tentative levy presented Nov. 7, at which point Flossmoor did not have the final 2021 extension numbers because of an overall delay with Cook County property tax bills. Bordui told the village board in his report that he recalculated numbers to reflect the actual 2021 extension as the base.


  • The village board voted 5-0 to appoint Community Relations Commissioner Phillippa Leon-Thompson to chairperson after serving more than six years. Leon-Thompson fills a vacancy left by the resignation of Myron Graham, and Mayor Michelle Nelson noted there is an open spot on the commission.
  • The board’s consent agenda also included the appointment of Fire Chief Robert Kopec to the E-Com Board of Directors. According to a board report, each E-Com member agency gets two appointments to the board. One of Flossmoor’s spots is being vacated by the retirement of Police Chief Tod Kamleiter.

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