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James Hart honors 11 graduates, musicians for outstanding work

During the May 24 graduation ceremonies for Homewood’s James Hart School, administrators announced special awards presented to 11 outstanding students.

Caleb Stamps, Jahnahn Webster, Taylor Alexander, Caylum Ganshirt and Quinn Hanna received the Betty Dillon Award honors students who achieved straight A grades in seventh and eighth grades in District 153’s most rigorous courses – high school level geometry, accelerated foreign language, accelerated English/language arts.

The Homewood PTA Service Award was presented to Sophie McManus and Treylan Webster; the Wally Burns VFW Post 8077 Award was presented to Julian Grisuis and Jahnahn Webster; the Homewood Rotary Club’s Art Welsh 4-Way Test Award was presented to Jack Kinsella and Akila Smith.

In addition, students were recognized for their outstanding achievement by the music department. 

Winners who play with the James Hart Band were honored: Annie Dedo, Oreoluwa Owolabi and Aubree Scheutzo received the Jane Hindsley Music Acheivement Award; Caylum Ganshirt and Sophie McManus  earned the John Philip Sousa Award; Collin Morrow and Jordan Washington were honored with the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award.

Choir members Timia Williams Jane Hindsley received the Music Achievement Award; and Annabelle Rudan received the National Choral Award.

Honorees who are members of the Hart Orchestra were Miriam Attakorah and Sophia Chan who received the Jane Hindsley Music Achievement Award; Amaya Avant received the Chamber Orchestra Award; and Chloe Cleland received the William Luke Award.

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