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Metra makes changes to Electric Line schedule effective May 23

Metra will introduce a new Metra Electric Line schedule on May 23 that adds some express service and makes a variety of other modifications to reflect actual operating conditions and to accommodate rehabilitation work on the 147th St./Sibley Station.
The changes include:

  • A new inbound Train 710 will depart from University Park at 7:27 a.m. and make all stops to Kensington, then express to 59th St. (U. of Chicago), and then make stops at 11th St., Van Buren, and Millennium, arriving at 8:33 a.m. This train was added in response to rider requests for a new option in the peak period.
  • Outbound Train 131 will be split into two trains: The train that retains that number, Train 131, will depart from Millennium at 4:08 p.m., make stops at Van Buren St. and Museum Campus/11th St., express to 55th-56th-57th St., express to Homewood and then make all stops to University Park; and a new Train 165 will depart from Millennium at 4:11 p.m., make stops at Van Buren and Museum Campus/11th St., then express to 51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park), make stops at 55th-56th-57th St., 59th St. (U. of Chicago), flag stop at 63rd St., then express to Kensington and make all stops between Kensington and Homewood.
  • Outbound Trains 117 and 121 will become express trains serving Kensington to University Park, and new Trains 617 and 621 will serve Millennium to Kensington.
  • Inbound Trains 120 and 124 will become express trains serving University Park to Kensington and new Trains 620 and 624 will serve Kensington to Millennium.
  • Midday inbound Trains 158 and 160 and midday outbound Trains 161 and 163 will be eliminated to lengthen work windows around the 147th St./Sibley Station rehabilitation project. That station is closed until fall 2023 while the work proceeds.
  • Minor changes were made to several other trains to add stops at McCormick Place, 47th St., 27th St., 51st/53rd St. (Hyde Park) and 59th St. (U. of Chicago) or to reflect operating conditions; riders are advised to check their train’s schedule here to see if it changed.

The Metra Electric Line currently provides about 10,000 passenger trips on weekdays, about 35 percent of its pre-COVID ridership. Compared to the pre-COVID schedule, this new schedule will provide 82 percent of the trips.

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