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Flossmoor approves $2 million bid for reduced version of street rehab

The 2020 Street Rehabilitation Project is back on track — albeit at approximately half the scope of the original plan.

The village board voted unanimously Monday, May 2, to approve a roughly $2 million bid from Gallagher Asphalt Corporation for the 2022 Street Rehabilitation Project. While a schedule was not yet in place as of the meeting, Public Works Director John Brunke said the work could start within a month.

“I think we’ll be able to finish well before fall,” Brunke said.

The decision came just one month after the board rejected bids for the original scope of the project after they came in significantly over budget. This round, Gallagher came in the lowest of three bidders, as well as under the village’s $2.21 million estimate.

“They’ve worked in the village in the past many times, and the work has always been good,” Brunke said of the Thornton company.

The approved scope of work includes: Ballantrae Way from Crawford Avenue to Tiree Court, Braeburn Avenue from Flossmoor Road to Butterfield Road; Douglas Avenue from Flossmoor Road to Maryland Avenue; Evans Road from Carroll Parkway to Flossmoor Road, as well as to Hutchison Road; Sterling Avenue from Heather Road to Park Drive; Springfield Avenue from Flossmoor Road to 189th Street; 189th Street from Crawford Avenue to Hamlin Avenue; and Tina Lane from Dixie Highway to North End.

Brunke noted that is roughly 2.5 miles of road, compared to the 5-6 miles in the original plan. He added unit prices were down from the original bids. Asphalt prices are slightly higher but concrete numbers came down, he explained.

Prices are still “pretty high” overall, he said, noting he would not recommend trying to do any more street rehabilitation this year. The hope is that next year’s prices will not be as bad and the village can progress with more street rehabilitation work.

“We’re already seeing that some materials are coming back down now,” Brunke said. “Fuel prices are terrible right now. Let’s hope by this fall-winter that they start coming down, because that’s really the biggest driver for the street projects.”

Consent agenda contracts

  • The village board voted unanimously to approve its consent agenda, which included an amendment to a special use permit allowing the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District Ice Arena to construct an addition that would encroach upon a 25-foot setback requirement. The addition is to house a new ice refrigeration system, according to a report from Building and Zoning Administrator Scott Bugner.
  • The consent agenda also included awarding a contract for Phase 2 engineering for the Brookwood Bridge and Butterfield Road culvert reconstruction project to Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd. for $99,726. A report from Brunke notes the phase should be fully funded by state money awarded to the village for this project.
  • With the consent agenda, the board also approved a contract to pay Allscape Inc. up to $60,000 in fiscal year 2023 for landscape maintenance, including 43 locations with 7.4 total acres of turf, 339 ornamental and shade trees and 1,732 shrubs. Allscape was the lowest of three bidders.
  • A contract with Country Club Cleaning Inc. to perform janitorial maintenance at a cost of up to $40,000 in fiscal year 2023 also was approved with the consent agenda. General cleaning and deep cleaning are to be performed at the Village Hall Complex and Public Works Service Center.


  • Mayor Michelle Nelson appointed Joe Nordman to the Plan Commission. The board voted unanimously to approve the appointment. Nordman is a civil engineer who has worked in municipal engineering for 30 years, Nelson noted.
  • Nelson also appointed Connie Lambert to the Zoning Board of Appeals. The board also voted unanimously to approve that appointment. Lambert advised Calumet City on zoning and code issues for eight years, Nelson noted.

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