Health & Wellness 2022: New MiraCare facility offering juvenile, child mental health care

In order to meet the overwhelming demand for child and adolescent crisis care, MiraCare will be opening its new Tinley Park Center in the next few months. MiraCare will be providing inpatient and partial hospital care in the Tinley Park Acute Care Center along with specialized behavioral health evaluation, assessment and outpatient treatment.

Editor’s note: This story is the 10th in a series originally published in the Chronicle’s April 1 print edition, part of the annual Health & Wellness supplement sponsored by Franciscan Health.

After caring for the behavioral health of children, adolescents and families for more than 20 years, the experienced team at MiraCare, founded by licensed clinical psychologist Chris Higgins, will soon be able to provide children and adolescents with a safe, family focused treatment center in the south suburbs.

In addition to uniquely designed spaces for individual and group treatment, the 48,000 square foot center, currently in the final stages of construction, will include 30 acute care hospital beds.

“With no acute care hospital beds currently serving the youth in our community, our new in-hospital facilities and partial hospital program will soon provide our kids and their families with the whole continuum of care needed to fully recover from a behavioral health crisis,” Higgins said.

The MiraCare team consists of child/adolescent psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other behavioral health professionals.

“With over 300 years of combined experience, the vision of our seasoned team is to provide children, adolescents and families with access to inpatient care, partial hospital care and traditional outpatient behavioral healthcare services, all in one place,” Higgins added.

With an anticipated opening in early summer, 30 acute care beds will facilitate short hospital stays, averaging a little over a week, for patients that need to stabilize in a safe environment built specifically for them. This acute care center will be one part of a true coordinated continuum of care not only for children, but their families as well.

Scheduled to open this spring, the partial hospital program is designed for children and adolescents that are safe and stable enough to be at home, but not yet ready to navigate all the challenges that school and home life often present. With partial hospital care, the MiraCare team will provide clinical treatment at the center on weekdays, but patients go home in the evening and on weekends. To bridge the gap between an in-patient stay and a return to full outpatient care, partial hospital care usually lasts about three or more weeks.

“Our team has been providing behavioral health treatment requiring a multi-disciplinary approach to assessment, therapy and medication coordination and parental involvement in the outpatient world for more than two decades,” Higgins said. “Now there will be a place in our community where our highest risk children can be safely treated and stabilized so that they can begin or return to their outpatient care.

“By working together in one collaborative environment at the MiraCare Center, patients and their families can benefit from a higher level of behavioral healthcare.”

To learn more about MiraCare and the MiraCare Behavioral Healthcare Centers for Children & Adolescents, visit www.miracaregroup.com.

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