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Letter: Improve car technology to include cameras

George Floyd’s death was viewed for all the world to see because someone used a phone to video record his murder.

Shootings on the expressways, car-jackings in the neighborhoods, hit-and-runs are everyday occurrences. Crime continues to rise.

What can we do to help?

We can request car companies and tech companies to manufacture and sell car cameras that can be installed on our cars. The car videos taken by these cameras would help in identifying those responsible for committing these crimes on our expressways and in our neighborhoods.

Having our cars equipped with cameras would add real meaning to the saying “If you see something, say something.”

The argument that this would violate our privacy is not a valid one when it comes to murder. The real violation is to us and our children, our right to life.

Won’t you please join me by requesting car and tech manufacturers equip our cars with cameras?

Smart phones are a “must” in our society. Let’s make smart cars our next technological priority.

John Giblin

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