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Storm brings much snow, few problems

Forecasters predicted a storm would drop 5 to 9 inches of wet snow on the area this past weekend, but residents found themselves shoveling much more.

Flossmoor received 11.5 inches as of 7:09 p.m. Sunday, according to the National Weather Service. Homewood received 11.1 inches as of  7 a.m. Monday. Nearby Thornton recorded 12.7 inches by 11 p.m. Sunday.

Flossmoor Police Chief Tod Kamleiter said there were relatively few problems caused by the storm in spite of the heavy snowfall Saturday night. 

He credited Flossmoor Public Works crews for keeping major thoroughfares clear and residents for heeding warnings to avoid travel Saturday night.

He said most of the problems his officers encountered involved vehicles stuck in the snow, and most of those occurred Sunday afternoon.

“No major accidents. We assisted about 12 motorists, our officers pushing them out or helping them get tow trucks,” he said. 

Another problem FPD dealt with was motorists who left cars parked on the street. Village policy requires cars to be moved off-street whenever there is 2 or more inches of snowfall. 

Kamleiter said no vehicles were towed, but they had to deal with several causing problems for plows and had to contact owners to have the vehicles moved.

In Homewood, police responded to six traffic crashes between 2 p.m. Saturday and midnight Sunday, but a spokesperson said it wasn’t clear that each accident was weather related.
Two of the crashes were hit-and-run collisions in parking lots, police said. The reports were filed sometime after the incidents.

Homewood officers responded to 10 disabled vehicle calls during that time period.

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